LSU Beach Volleyball Stadium

Some of the best women’s teams in US college beach volleyball will get together on Friday and Saturday (March 29 and 30) for the Death Volley Invitational in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it will be all streamed live and free on VBTV.

The iconic LSU Beach Volleyball Stadium will host the event on six courts, while beach volleyball fans will be able to enjoy the performances of the likes of AVCA All-Americans, All-Conference players, rising stars, etc. as the top six teams in the current AVCA Ranking – USC, UCLA, Stanford, TCU, FSU and California – join 10th-ranked hosts LSU and 17th-ranked FAU for the biggest 2024 regular season tournament besides the NCAA Championship Tournament in May.

This mid-season event will have an impact on rankings throughout the rest of the season leading into the NCAA Championship. A total of 14 team-vs-team ties, each including six individual rubbers, will spark excitement over the two competition days at the LSU Beach Volleyball Stadium.


“The event will be one of the biggest our sport has ever seen,” said LSU head coach Russell Brock. “With the level of competition, with the teams who are coming to our facility and with VBTV, it’s going to be a fantastic weekend for any beach volleyball fan.

“VBTV has become the premier provider for the very best digital volleyball coverage in the world. If you follow the sport, you have to subscribe to their service. For them to be interested in our event and to be committed to coming to Baton Rouge to broadcast the Death Volley Invitational to the world is an incredible honour. We are delighted to partner with them for their first on-campus NCAA Beach Volleyball broadcast. We hope it will be the first of many moving forward!”