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Wisconsin Week 6 Preview

Reigning Big Ten champions Wisconsin will play Michigaan State and Minnesota this week (Photo: Wisconsin)

Reigning Big Ten champions Wisconsin aren’t used to losses during the regular season, but they had to deal with one last Saturday, falling to rivals Nebraska, and will be looking to give a strong answer when they get back on the court this week.

The Badgers will be in action twice over the next three days, facing Michigan State on the road on Friday, at 19:00 local time (23:00 UTC), and Minnesota at home on Sunday. The first duel will be streamed live for VBTV subscribers around the world.

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Saturday’s five-set loss to Nebraska was just the first for Wisconsin in 19 matches this season and the second in Big Ten duels considering the last two seasons. The defeat interrupted a series of 27 consecutive wins in Big Ten matches and also stopped the team's best-ever start to a season.

The result pushed Wisconsin to second place in the Big Ten with nine wins and one loss and also made the Cornhuskers take the top spot in the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) rankings from the Badgers. For Wisconsin, the best way to put the defeat in the past would be to show their strength with a pair of wins this weekend, starting with the duel against Michigan State on Friday.

“Coming into the Nebraska match, we knew it was going to be one that, winning or losing, there would be a lot to learn from and we did learn,” Wisconsin head coach Kelly Sheffield said. “We knew that whatever happened, we would still need to continue working to get better and that’s what we will do. Michigan State haven’t been in the middle of the pack in the Big Ten for a few years and they are now. Their coaching staff is in its second year and it feels like they’re starting to get their momentum and to build confidence. They’ve done a great job and are having a really good season. You can tell they’re just getting stronger going forward.”

Wisconsin have obtained 57 wins and 28 losses in matches against Michigan State and have prevailed in each of the last eight encounters, having last fallen to the Spartans back in 2017.

L'esterno senior Sarah Franklin ha guidato i Badgers in attacco con 248 uccisioni, mentre il centro sophomore Carter Booth è stato una forza a rete, con 99 blocchi, il secondo punteggio più alto tra i giocatori della Big Ten.

Michigan State mostra progressi

Come sottolineato da Sheffield, gli Spartans stanno vivendo una stagione solida, posizionandosi al settimo posto nella Big Ten con cinque vittorie e cinque sconfitte e hanno già superato il numero di vittorie ottenute nelle ultime tre stagioni. Lo scorso fine settimana hanno battuto per la seconda volta in stagione i rivali dello stato, ma hanno perso contro Minnesota.

La matricola neozelandese Taylah Holdem si è rivelata un'ottima aggiunta per gli Spartans, guidando la squadra in termini di uccisioni (273), mentre il libero senior Nalani Iosia è stato solido nel backcourt con 333 digs, classificandosi al secondo posto nella Big Ten in questa abilità.

Oltre al duello tra Wisconsin e Michigan State, anche l'incontro tra Nebraska e Maryland, che inizierà alle 20:00 ora locale (00:00 UTC, sabato), sempre venerdì, sarà trasmesso in diretta streaming per gli abbonati VBTV di tutto il mondo.

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