Prime Volleyball League 2024 - Competition Formula

The first stage of the 2024 RuPay Prime Volleyball League powered by A23 is played in a single round-robin format with nine teams.

The top five teams in the final standings of the first stage advance to the second stage, the so called Super 5s, which is also played in a single round-robin format.

The team finishing first in the Super 5s earns a direct qualification for the Final. The teams finishing second and third move on to meet each other in a semifinal match (Eliminator). The winner of the Eliminator is the second team to advance to the Final.

The season features a total of 48 matches.

What is special about the RuPay Prime Volleyball League format and regulations?

In each set, the first team to reach 15 points wins the set, even if the margin is just one point.

In the round-robin stages, every match consists of five sets. A 5-0 win (whitewash) brings the team three points towards the standings. Any other win brings two points. If there is a tie in the total number of points, the total number of sets won is also a factor in determining the teams’ positions in the table.

The semifinal and the final are played in a standard best-of-five format, i.e. the first team to win three sets wins the match.

The so called Super Point is another key innovation to the rules of the game. Once in every set, each team has the opportunity to call a Super Point, which offers them the chance to double their points. However, if that team loses that rally, the opponents win two points. To use a Super Point, teams must call it before they reach 11 points in the set.

The Super Serve is another unique concept. A serving ace with the ball landing on the floor without touching any of the opponent’s players brings the team two points.