Turkiye Turkey Türkiye Women VNL 2023 trophy

Türkiye are the new number one team in the FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Ranking! Their historic success at the Volleyball Nations League 2023 Finals, where they earned their first gold in the competition, also paid off in terms of ranking points, propelling the team to the top of the chart.

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Before the start of VNL 2023 a month and a half ago, Türkiye were ranked seventh in the world. After the first competition week of the Preliminary Phase, when they scored three wins in four matches, they moved up to number six. The Turks kept the same win-loss ratio over the next two competition weeks and by the end of the Preliminary Phase, they were up to number five, their starting position before last week’s Finals in Arlington.

The three huge victories in the United States that raised them to the top of the final VNL standings brought in enough points for rocketing four positions up to the top of the World Ranking as well.

The quarterfinal shutout of last year’s VNL champions Italy actually came with the most points for Türkiye as it was a straight-setter. The Turks collected 11.59 points on the way to the semifinals, where they achieved a four-set win over hosts USA to pocket another 8.99 points. Finally, the 3-1 victory over China in Sunday’s gold medal match added another 7.15 points towards a new total of 365.64.

Meanwhile, previous number one USA picked up 4.01 points for defeating Japan in the quarterfinals, but then lost the 8.99 to Türkiye and another 8.30 for losing the bronze medal match to Poland, which also helped coach Daniele Santarelli’s team overtake them, 7.19 points clear on top of the Ranking.

Italy, Brazil and reigning world champions and pre-VNL ranking leaders Serbia were also surpassed by the new VNL champions to sink a spot each to number three, number four and number five, in that order.

Silver and bronze medallists China and Poland gained in points during the VNL Finals, but not in positions, staying in sixth and seventh, respectively.