Egypt (EGY) vs. Japan (JPN) women - Pool A #6508661

L'opposto e capitano della squadra Tsugumi Fukazawa (n. 8) e la sua sorella gemella, la palleggiatrice esterna Megumi (n. 7), sono state una combinazione perfetta per il Giappone ai Campionati Mondiali di Pallavolo U21 Femminili FIVB 2023, contribuendo a spingere la loro squadra nella fase successiva dell'evento.

Sorella maggiore per un minuto, Megumi mostra grande sicurezza ogni volta che scende in campo, affiancando la sorella Tsugumi, che guida il Giappone come capitano della squadra. Entrambe sono impegnate a raggiungere gli stessi obiettivi: contribuire a far progredire la loro squadra nella fase finale del Campionato del Mondo e a farla entrare nella nazionale senior giapponese.

The tournament is streamed live on the Volleyball World YouTube channel.

Both admit that ever since their father introduced them to volleyball, they were enchanted, and at this point in their lives, at the age of 20, they have no other purpose than to reach the pinnacle of the world’s volleyball elite.

They played together throughout their school years, from elementary to high school, becoming national champions together, performing with dedication and acquiring the necessary skills to make of volleyball their way of life.

Tsugumi states that they’ve matured and don’t argue when they are on the court. “Our relationship is very close and good, like most twins. Additionally, we play for different clubs in Japan, which keeps us apart since we live in different cities.”

Egypt (EGY) vs. Japan (JPN) women - Pool A #6508657

Tsugumi Fukazawa celebrates scoring against Egypt

Megumi plays for the Hisamitsu Springs and Tsugumi plays for the Toray Arrows. They've had to face each other, which has been a great experience helping them mature their sisterly relationship and contribute together to the national team.

“We've always competed against each other in the Japanese Volleyball League, but it's a healthy and respectful competition” explained Megumi.

The Fukazawa twins agree that they are great teammates, just like the rest of the players. “We support each other, not only as sisters but also as part of the team, striving for positive results,” Tsugumi indicated.

\*\*2023 FIVB Volleyball Women’s U21 World Championship: Match Schedule and Results\*\*

Egypt (EGY) vs. Japan (JPN) women - Pool A #6508653

When talking about their inclusion in the U21 national team, they explain that they were highly motivated to achieve it together. And if the case arose that one of them didn't make it, that one would support from the outside, while the selected one would have to give her best effort.

Tsugumi and Megumi’s goal is very clear - they want to focus on making it to the Japanese senior national team and their efforts are targeted towards this goal.

Egypt (EGY) vs. Japan (JPN) women - Pool A #6508663

Megumi Fukazawa ready to serve against Egypt

"Sono concentrata sull'obiettivo di far parte della squadra senior. Non penso troppo al futuro remoto; la pallavolo è il mio obiettivo principale", dice Tsugumi.

Megumi è d'accordo con la sorella: "Condividiamo la stessa prospettiva. In questo momento l'obiettivo è la pallavolo ed è troppo presto per pensare ad altro. L'obiettivo è arrivare ai massimi livelli della pallavolo giapponese".

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